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175 West 13th St., Suite 1A

New York, NY 10011

212.  206.  1715.

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, all forensic work will be conducted remotely, by video and telephone

Forensic Social Work Services

My expertise as a Forensic Social Worker (FSW) allows me to apply my clinical skills to questions and issues relating to law and legal systems. Social workers and psychologists are not typically trained to be familiar with the unique issues presented by clients who become involved in the civil or criminal justice system. Nor are they effectively equipped to assist attorneys with defense strategies, which includes mitigation reports or oral advocacy. Without such training, practitioners may find themselves at a disadvantage when working with or treating these individuals and their families. 

How I Assist Attorneys

As a Forensic Social Worker, I am experienced in conducting effective clinical investigations, followed by the writing of distinctive, high quality Pre-Sentencing and Pre-Pleading reports as mitigation for misdemeanor and felony cases. I also provide oral advocacy at Court and affidavits in support of Clayton Motions (for dismissal in the interest of justice).

The primary goal of a successful Pre-Sentencing or Pre-Pleading report is to present the Judge and/or District Attorney with persuasive mitigating information, in order to gain a more favorable - and often, more humane - disposition for the client.

I frequently discover that a history of substance abuse, un-diagnosed mental illness, trauma, sexual abuse, physical abuse, learning disabilities, or unhealthy living environments may provide some explanation of the behaviors that led to the client's legal difficulties.

These factors allow me to present a compelling narrative that evokes a credible and sympathetic understanding of a human being; and argues that the client is more than just the sum of his/her alleged or admitted criminal behavior.

Successful outcomes may include: a more reasonable plea offer; an alternative to incarceration i.e.: substance abuse or mental health treatment program; greater sentencing leniency; or even a dismissal in the interest of justice.

The skills and services that I utilize for oral arguments or written reports for the Court include, but are not limited to:

  • Biopsychosocial assessments of the client (whether incarcerated or out)
  • Interviews with collateral individuals (family, friends, co-workers, clergy)
  • Collection and analysis of mental health, medical, and other life history records
  • Program referrals, admission facilitation and compliance monitoring
  • Educating attorneys re: clinical issues or communication difficulties with clients
  • Ongoing counseling for clients and family members

My experience allows me to work productively with clients – irrespective of whether they are compliant or particularly difficult. Attorneys will also find me to be personable and easy to work with.

How I Help Families With Legal Problems

All families face challenges; but the families who are involved with the criminal justice system are significantly more likely to experience overwhelming emotional difficulties.

Anger, shame, guilt, confusion and numbness may put family members at risk for clinical depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and impulsive behaviors. Children are particularly affected. Financial distress is also a likely consequence.

{see a U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services report at:}

Even non-incarceration outcomes can have devastating consequences to family stability. Here are just a few of the issues that I have successfully helped families with:

  • Managing separation from an incarcerated loved one
  • Learning what to tell children and when
  • Helping children to cope
  • Understanding the different challenges for the loved one and others at home
  • Learning how and why other family relationships and friendships may change
  • Managing a break-up with a partner or spouse
  • Finding helpful resources
  • Addressing difficulties that arise when a loved one re-enters society and the home

I am effective in working with people who are having legal problems because clients and other family members find me to be non-judgmental, caring, practical and honest with them, during a most stressful time in their lives.


William Brosh, LCSW

175 West 13th St., Suite 1A

New York, NY 10011 

 tel: 212. 206. 1715

All sessions are currently being conducted by video or phone

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